6 Reasons Why Your Home Isn't Selling

Many factors contribute to a successful home sale, from staging to marketing to great photography and of course, the right agent. However, if your home has been on the market much longer than you anticipated and you’re scratching your head confused as to why while the Days on Market add up, you might want to consider these points:

  1. Poor condition
Is your home badly in need of some sprucing up? Are there repairs that should be made? It’s safe to say that most potential home buyers that come through your house are making a mental list of any deficiencies that they notice. It’s better to nip any problems in the bud before you even decide to list.
  1. The colours are all wrong
Neutral colours are the best choice if you are going to list your home for sale. You may be in love with the lime green master bathroom, but that may not be everyone else’s cup of tea. The walls don’t need to be stark white, but you should consider tones that will compliment a variety of decorating styles and offer a calming effect.
  1. Poor quality photos or not enough
A picture is absolutely worth a thousand words, and the best way to make a great first impression (especially considering most homebuyers begin their search online) is to ensure you have a lot of quality photographs of your home. A lack of photos could keep buyers from seeing everything the home has to offer or it may cause them to think that what isn’t included in the photographs isn’t desirable.
  1. You hired the wrong listing agent
Make sure you’ve done your homework and have hired a listing agent that is going to do the best job possible. While there are a lot of amazing, hard-working agents out there, you should interview several and ask lots of questions. You want someone who is going to have a plan to sell your home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassles. Be sure to ask questions like how they plan on marketing your home, how often they will communicate with you, and what other types of services they offer. Past results are the best indicator of how an agent is going to perform when it comes to selling your home.
  1. You aren’t being flexible with showings
Having to accommodate someone else’s schedule can be frustrating, but when it comes to selling your home, you are often left with no choice. Don’t set unreasonable time limits, odd showing hours, or turn down showings for no reason. This will turn off potential buyers and you run the risk of appearing difficult to work with.
  1. Your home is too personalized

Your collection of antique dolls or taxidermy forest creatures may be important to you, but could definitely make some potential buyers uncomfortable. Same goes for your entire wall of family photos. Be sure to declutter and depersonalize before you decide to put your home on the market. You’d be surprised by the difference it can make.
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